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  • Groningen

    Groningen is the main and capital city of the Groningen province, located in the north of the Netherlands. The city has a population of around 230,000 and has a large student population, which accounts for around 25% of its population.

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  • Breda

    Breda is a city in the Netherlands located in the region of North Brabant. The city is home to beautiful old architecture and a variety of famous historic buildings, including the Castle of Breda and Saint Anthony’s Cathedral.

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  • The Hague

    The Hague is a city on the west coast of The Netherlands. It is the capital of South Holland and is the seat of the country’s government. Two of the most important criminal courts in the world reside here: the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

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  • Modern architecture at night in Rotterdam


    Located in the south of Holland, Rotterdam is the second largest city in the country. The city is home to the largest seaport in Europe. Rotterdam hosts a very famous university, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and is well known for it’s picturesque riverside and aquatic culture and life.

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  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is the capital of and most populated city in the Netherlands. With a multitude of canals and waterways running through the city, many refer to Amsterdam as the ‘Venice of the North’.

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