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Groningen is the main and capital city of the Groningen province, located in the north of the Netherlands. The city has a population of around 230,000 and has a large student population, which accounts for around 25% of its population.

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Before visiting any town or city make sure you know the basics. General details and important information.

  • Emergency Services: 112
  • Language: Dutch
  • Currency: Euro
  • Country Code: NL
  • Travel Visa: None required
  • Population: 233,218

Risk Level

Researching various official sources, we perceive the risk to holiday makers and travellers are as follows;

Overall Risk 25%
Pickpickets 70%
Mugging 25%
Common Crimes 30%

Travellers Tips

Top travel advice and interesting tip bits of information from experienced travellers.


For the Emergency services just dial 112 from any phone.

Tourist Offices

Travelling Around


Groningen Safety

  • Where can I keep up with local news?
  • Are there any common crimes in the city?

    Beware of pickpockets as they tend to operate in tourist areas, keep your belongings secure at all times and be careful if strangers try to make conversation or distract you as it could be an attempt to steal your valuables.

    Car thieves normally target expensive cars but there are some exceptional situations where rental cars have been broken in to. Park the car in well lit areas and use car park with CCTV. Don’t leave valuables on your car seat as it could attract criminals, drive with the car door locked all times.

  • What are some top safety tips?

    Be alert at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Take the usual safety precautions so you do not become a targets for pickpockets. Don’t put your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket. Put any valuables items in a dark colour shopping bag when going out to avoid attention.

    When withdrawing cash from ATM try to go inside the bank. Beware of withdrawing cash from cash points on pedestrian walkways. Try to withdraw small sums and don’t flash your cash around even in the bank.

Annual Events

Annual events allow a city come together for some amazing experiences. If visiting at this time, make sure you have your accommodation booked and are always aware of your surroundings when travelling around.

Groningen Events

Diezijn leuk! Market

The main town square plays host to unique handmade goods at the market, it is an ideal experience for creative people looking for original gifts. The event has been running for a few years and is growing in size and success, its a perfect opportunity to showcase the Dutch creativity and artistic style.

Groningen Highlights

  • When is the best time of year to visit Groningen?

    The summer months in Groningen are generally quite pleasant, with a good mixture of sunny days and cloudy days. The average temperate in the summer ranges from 22-27°C.

    The winters are a stark contrast, with the days becoming cold and long. The temperatures during these months can range anywhere from 0°C all the way to -7°C.

    We recommend visiting during the spring and summer months.

  • What are some great places to visit?


    Fraeylemaborg is the most important of the Borgen or castle in the province. These were strong houses or keeps were built around the Middle Ages to store harvests and to protect their produce from invaders. The building is a testament to the masons who built it as they are as secure today as they ever were. A good place to visit with useful information about the city and its progression through the ages.

    Het Nederlands Stripmuseum

    The Dutch cartoon museum in English is not to be mistaken for any other kind of museum as the name could suggest. It’s a cool place where you can see the progression of Dutch comics through the years, there is also a chance to learn to draw some characters and cartoons. A lot of the comics are in Dutch but its still a good place to visit.

    The Groninger Museum

    The Groninger Museum houses exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. It was founded in 1874 and the current building was opened in 1994. The style of building is amazing and reflects the unique style of the country; a bridge connects the museum to the train station is part of a cycling and walking path to the central city. The museum gets many moving exhibitions but is home to some world-class works of art by internationally known artists, for art lovers it is a great place to hang out.

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