United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country located off the north­western coast of the European mainland. The United Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to the east, the English Channel to the south and the Celtic Sea to the south-west, giving it the 12th-longest coastline in the world. The Irish Sea separates Great Britain and Ireland. The United Kingdom is home to around 66 million people.

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Post-pandemic travel advice

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Before visiting any country make sure you know the basics. General details and important information.

  • Emergency Services: 999
  • Language: English
  • Currency: British Pound
  • Capital City: London
  • Country Code: GB
  • Travel Visa: None required
  • Population: 62,641,000
  • Driving: Left hand side

Risk Level

Researching various official sources, we perceive the risk to holiday makers and travellers are as follows;

Overall Risk 30%
Pickpickets 70%
Mugging 20%
Common Crimes 40%

Travellers Tips

Top travel advice and interesting tip bits of information from experienced travellers.

United Kingdom

  • Are there any customs & traditions in the UK?

    People of the UK love their tea and it is a tradition in the afternoons to stop for afternoon tea, this will also include light sandwiches and cake.

    Whether you are visiting a coastal city or not fish & chips will be available in most cities, they are a great British tradition.

    Ceremony, the British are a nation full of fantastic traditions from, Trooping of the Colour to the annual village fate. It is well worth looking into British history if you are visiting the country.

  • What’s the best time to travel to the UK?

    Summer season is generally when the UK gets most tourists, although the weather can still be unpredictable.

    Spring: 15ºC

    Summer: 21ºC

    Autumn: 18ºC

    Winter: 5ºC

  • What are the top safety tips for the UK?

    Take care when withdrawing cash from a cashpoint, people could be watching. There are also a lot of homeless and beggars, be aware that you might be asked for money. If this makes you uncomfortable think about using another machine.

    Be aware of pickpockets. They sometimes work in teams, someone may ask you for directions or may engage you in conversation to distract you. A colleague may be looking at your bag or pocket. Keep valuables safe, make sure your pockets are closed and your bag is zipped or locked.

    If you are out exploring a new place make sure someone knows your itinerary. Make sure you have researched your route and the times you plan to travel. Big cities can look very different by night.

    Violence or aggression rarely comes out of nowhere, there are usually warning signs, so keep an eye on what’s going on around you. The sooner you spot potential violence or danger, the easier it is to defuse the situation or move away from it.

  • What are the most common crimes in the UK?

    Pick-pocketing is one of the most common tourist crimes worldwide, take care to zip up your bags and keep valuables out of sight when travelling in busy areas.

    Criminal damage is a problem in the UK, be aware of groups of people or anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Stolen goods are often offered to tourists, be aware of anyone trying to sell you goods that seem to good to be true. They usually are!

Improve Your Safety

Knowledge The more you have the better equipped you are.

Research is always number one. Any place you choose to visit usually has something about it that makes us want to find out more, ultimately the more you know the better your experience.

Awareness The more you see the safer you become.

Armed with the knowledge of the possible risks, common crimes and safety advice, your raised awareness and enables you to spot possible hazardous situations before they unfold.

Response The right reaction can change a situation.

How you handle a situation is very important and can dramatically change the outcome. If you have recognised the potential dangers early enough it will give you time to process and decide on the best course of action… Find Out More

For more country specific travel & safety information, please visit the Travel Aware website by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Towns & Cities

  • Aerial view of Sheffield and Yorkshire countryside


    The aptly named ‘Steel Town’ of the north, Sheffield is where stainless steel was invented and the site of the subsequent manufacturing boom of cutlery. Built alongside the Peak District, this city has lovely views and proximity to the national park.

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  • A river flowing through Inverness with a bridge going over it


    Named after that very famous Loch, Inverness has the highest quality of life rating out of all major Scottish cities. It was only granted it’s city charter in 2000, but it is a central point for the whole of the Scottish Highlands. This city is the perfect place to travel to experience authentic Highland culture but not getting lost on the moors in the process.

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  • Punting boats along the river in Cambridge


    This historic canal trading town was granted its city charter in 1951, despite it not having a cathedral. Cambridge is known for its university and its dense population of students. It has recently also become the site of Silicon Fen. This is a reference to Silicon Valley implying that, due to the growth of tech industries in the area like software and bioscience, Cambridge is becoming the English equivalent.

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  • Dundee city with hills in the background


    This seaport city on the Firth of Tay is just down the coast from Aberdeen. Dundee describes itself as “One City, Many Discoveries” in reference to the history of science surrounding the city and more specifically of the Antarctic exploration vessel the RRS Discovery. Dundee now accounts for 10% of digital entertainment in the UK as it is a site for game and app development.

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  • Buildings and cranes in Cardiff


    Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and one of the most popular tourist destination cities in the UK. A particularly diverse city, due to its trading history as a port and now its language schools that attract foreign students from all over the world to be taught English. Wales is made up of a great mix between historical and modern features as it claims to have the largest concentration of castles of any city in the world whilst also containing a large media sector used for TV and film production. Its a little city but it certainly has range.

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