The motto of the Dominion of Canada is a Mari usque ad Mare which is officially translated "From Sea to Sea" and "D'un océan à l'autre."



Canada, is the Commonwealth of Australia, extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Its land mass makes it the second-largest country in the world, with a total of 9.98 million square kilometres. Known for its beautiful natural wonders, Canada is home to winter sports, with the mountains being perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Parts of the country also reflects its historic past with other nations, notably the French American influence that has rooted in Québec. The country’s other major cities are Ottawa, Ontario, Montréal and Québec.

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Post-pandemic travel advice

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Before visiting any country make sure you know the basics. General details and important information.

  • Emergency Services: 911
  • Language: English, French
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar
  • Capital City: Ottawa
  • Country Code: CA
  • Travel Visa: eTA
  • Population: 37,814,382 
  • Driving: Right hand side

Risk Level

Researching various official sources, we perceive the risk to holiday makers and travellers are as follows;

Overall Risk 28%
Pickpickets 38%
Mugging 16%
Common Crimes 24%

Travellers Tips

Top travel advice and interesting tip bits of information from experienced travellers.


  • What are some of Canada’s customs and traditions?

    Canada is culturally diverse because of the Canadian immigration policy which was historically open. This has created a society of many different cultures and traditions, each proud and with its place in the country.

    The most common greeting is the handshake, firm with eye contact and a sincere smile. Canadians tend to move to a first name basis quickly.

    French Canadian friends may greet each other by lightly kissing on the cheeks, starting with the left. If using French in Quebec always use the formal pronoun “vous” (you) when speaking to someone and do not switch to the informal “tu” unless invited to.

    Hockey is the national sport and pretty much all residents love it, it truly unites the country. Everyone will have a team and strong views, its a great sport to watch and chat about, always be respectful.

    Table manners are relatively relaxed and informal in Canada although the usual dining rules apply, only begin eating after the host starts and do not rest your elbows on the table.

  • What is the best time to visit Canada?

    Winter in Canada is for winter sports and arguably one of the best countries to ski or snowboard in the world.

    The summer seasons are very warm and many tourists choose to visit from June to September.

  • What are the top safety tips for Canada?

    Keep your luggage closed at hand at all times and in sight if possible. Do not have your name or address visible on any tags and never leave your luggage unattended.

    Find out about the different cultures and laws where you plan, English speaking countries may have the same language but have very different laws and customs to the UK.

    If travelling in a big city, study the public transport system, its the quickest way to get around but can be confusing.

    To avoid unwanted attention, try to blend in be polite and respect the local laws and customs. Dress more conservatively than you maybe would at home, this could ward off opportunists.

    Take out only what money you think you will need for the day, having a wallet full of cash can attract unwanted attention. Its an idea to keep an extra note in a small pocket just in case anything happens and your wallet is lost or you see something you want to buy.

  • What are the common crimes in Canada?

    Car Theft. Take care when hiring a car and driving in Canada, make sure you have full insurance cover and you park in secure and official car parks.

    Selling counterfeit goods. Do not buy these goods, bootlegs are illegal in the United States, if you purchase them you will be breaking local law.

  • What are the main annual events?

    This holiday was brought over from the USA and is held on the first Monday in October. This tradition came from early settlers, after collecting their first harvests they gave thanks.

    Canadian Aboriginal Festival
    The festival takes place each year celebrating the history and culture of the people of Canada, there are events held all over the country with traditional dances, music and foods.

Improve Your Safety

Knowledge The more you have the better equipped you are.

Research is always number one. Any place you choose to visit usually has something about it that makes us want to find out more, ultimately the more you know the better your experience.

Awareness The more you see the safer you become.

Armed with the knowledge of the possible risks, common crimes and safety advice, your raised awareness and enables you to spot possible hazardous situations before they unfold.

Response The right reaction can change a situation.

How you handle a situation is very important and can dramatically change the outcome. If you have recognised the potential dangers early enough it will give you time to process and decide on the best course of action… Find Out More

For more country specific travel & safety information, please visit the Travel Aware website by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Towns & Cities

  • Ottawa at night with traffic trails


    Ottawa, one of the most famous cities in Canada, and the seventh coldest capital in the world, Ottawa has a lot to offer, from incredible food, amazing festivals and a rich history, making it a high end location for any travellers to visit.

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  • Sunset over Edmonton skyline


    This Canadian city is the capital city of the province of Alberta. Referred to as the “gateway to the north”, Edmonton is a staging point for large-scale oil sand projects occurring in Northern Alberta, as well as being a culturally rich city, filled with governmental and educational centres for any learner.

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  • landscape of winnipeg city with trees and buildings


    Winnipeg , the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It’s a culturally diverse city with more than 100 languages and nationalities represented throughout the region. Well known for its unique winter experiences, flourishing arts scene and colourful festivals. As well as this, Winnipeg is also home to some incredible green spaces with access to many outdoor activities.

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  • Woman on like looking out over water


    As Québec’s largest province, Montreal is a large city that sits amongst skyscrapers and the Saint Lawerence River. From cobblestoned neighbourhoods, to French colonial architecture, this city is home to many cultural influences that are reflected in its character.

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  • Toronto sign and fountains


    Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that is home to vibrant lifestyles, art and beaches. The city’s food reflects the multicultural diversity, with restaurants providing an insight into the population. There is so much to explore in the city, from waterfront walks, to kayaking around Toronto Islands.

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  • Boats sailing in the water Vancouver


    Vancouver, located in British Columbia, is a cultural hub that offers plenty of actives. As a port city, its waterfront allows for outdoor exploring on ferries and boat services. From urban city living, to adventures in the mountains, Vancouver is a host for lots of opportunities.

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  • Small park with benches and a statue

    Quebec City

    Quebec City holds quaint streets and stone buildings. The bend of French culture is at the heart of the city, represented not only in the language, but in the colonial architecture. The city borders the Saint Lawerence River, making for beautiful scenery when exploring.

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  • Small street in between buildings


    Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city that is home to adventure and fun. It has an amazing lifestyle, from its nightlife to its sport. As a former host to the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary is famed for its outdoor adventures and winter sports.

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  • Yellow campervan parked on the side of the road


    Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city is situated on Vancouver Island, being surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery. There is so much to explore in this city, form its former colonial past in its architecture, or its contemporary Butchart Gardens with 55 acres of beauty.

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