San Antonio

San Antonio
30th March 2021 Safer Travel

San Antonio

San Antonio. A major city in South-central Texas with a rich history and even richer food. With iconic landmarks such as The Alamo and the famous riverside walk, and attractions such as SeaWorld for the little ones, San Antonio is a great choice to pick for anyone wishing to visit Texas.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Consulate Honorary of Britain
254 Spencer Ln
San Antonio
TX 78201
United States
Sunset over San Antonio


Before visiting any town or city make sure you know the basics. General details and important information.

  • Emergency Services: 911
  • Language: English
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Country Code: USA
  • Travel Visa: ESTA
  • Population: 2,320,000

Risk Level

Researching various official sources, we perceive the risk to holiday makers and travellers are as follows;

Overall Risk 50%
Pickpickets 60%
Mugging 55%
Common Crimes 35%

Travellers Tips

Top travel advice and interesting tip bits of information from experienced travellers.


For the Emergency services just dial 911 from any phone, for not so serious situations please dial 311.

Travelling Around

San Antonio has one major airport, which offers international flights and it’s major rail station, San Antonio Station, is easily accessible as it is in the heart of the city.

San Antonio Safety

  • What are some top safety tips?

    Beware of pickpockets, this is an issue in big tourist cities. Streets can be very busy in tourist areas, also be aware in train, bus and subway stations.

    If visiting the river walk late at night and are down there after dark, do your best to stay in the more populated areas. Be careful along the river walk since there are no railings excepts where the restaurants are. Make sure with all valuables are left at the hotel or hidden away when you leave your car.

  • What is the weather like?

    San Antonio is a relatively warm city, with a summer average of 29°C and a winter average of 5°C . In the summer months, the city is very humid – make sure to pack loose, breathable clothing if visiting then.

  • Where can I keep up with local news?

Annual Events

Annual events allow a city come together for some amazing experiences. If visiting at this time, make sure you have your accommodation booked and are always aware of your surroundings when travelling around.

San Antonio Highlights