Are there any wildlife attractions?

Are there any wildlife attractions?
26th August 2020 Chris Healey

The Museum of Tropical Queensland
A museum dedicated to natural history and archaeology, it’s a great place to visit and gives people in insight in to the history of the region and the country. There are lots of exhibits and interactive models for visitors to enjoy, it is located in the same complex as Reef HQ. Worth a visit.

Reef HQ
Situated in Townsville and is the largest living coral reef aquarium, the Coral Reef Exhibit has over 130 different coral species and over 100 different fish, many other sea inhabitants that make is a wonderful experience to visit, the environment lends itself perfectly and the way the tanks are set up it feels as if you are immersed in the reef itself. Great fun and a taste of the ocean without getting wet.

The Billabong Sanctuary
Situated in around 27 acres of beautiful wildlife park, it is home to hundreds of resident species including many mammals and bird life, there are also reptiles and other life that combines to make a wonderful environment, there is a really cool natural billabong or lake in the middle of the place which give the area its name.