Are there any cultural highlight attractions?

Are there any cultural highlight attractions?
26th August 2020 Chris Healey

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
A public art gallery in the city, situated on the corner of Flinders and Denham, the Gallery itself is home to around 2,000 artworks, it also hosts many touring exhibition and also has a space used for art classes, talks, lectures and creative workshops. For art lovers it worth checking out and maybe getting involved with some of the galleries creative activities.

Castling Street Heritage Centre
The National Trust owns this collection of three restored period homes, ranging from a farmhouse to a grand villa.

The S.S. Yongala
One of the best wreck dives in the world; the ship sank in 1911 with all on board, today it is home to an incredible variety of marine life, from gropers to sea snakes and turtles. The wreak is around 27 meters below the surface and divers descend on a line through the dark water until the bow of the ship comes out of the darkness. The wreck is an amazing once in a lifetime dive, so much fun for all dive enthusiasts.