Where should I visit?

Where should I visit?
19th August 2020 Chris Healey

Key West 
At times the infamous haunt of pirates, a refuge for Spaniards and Native Americans after British displacement, and the home of writer Ernest Hemingway, this 4×2 mile island is now one of the most prosperous cities per capita in the United States. Nowadays, and despite the influx of upscale tourists and visitors, Key West still has an eccentric charm that comes from the multitude of writers, artists and New-Agers who live on its shores.

South Beach
Possibly the most famous neighbourhood in Miami, and home to hundreds of busy shops, bars and restaurants, South Beach is the ideal spot for a quintessential Miami experience. Visit the famous Ocean Drive and take a look at the ocean-front mansion that used to belong to Gianni Versace, or spend the day soaking up the sun on the areas sandy beaches.

Art Deco District 
Visiting the Art-Deco District of Miami’s South Beach is almost like stepping back in time – the district consists of approximately 800 buildings that have been preserved from the heights of 1920s and 30s Miami. See buildings shaped like ocean liners (the Nautical Moderne) and brightly coloured pastel buildings that reflect Florida’s typically sunny response to art deco style, often called Tropical Deco.