Are there any festivals?

Are there any festivals?
19th August 2020 Chris Healey

Coconut Grove Arts Festival
One of the largest art festivals in the country, featuring more than 325 artists exhibiting in 12 categories including both culinary and visual arts.

International Hispanic Theatre Festival 
A festival taking place in mid-July, celebrating Hispanic theatre in all its forms, with theatre companies from afar afield as Latin America and Europe putting on performances throughout the Greater Miami area for the duration of the festival.

South Florida Dragon Boat Festival
Taking place the weekend after Columbus Day weekend, the South Florida Dragon Boat Festival comprises two days of Dragon Boat races at Haulover Park and Marina, as well as martial arts demonstrations, Asian food and a playground for children.

Coral Gables Wine and Food Festival
Taking place on “restaurant row” in Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, the wine and food festival is an evening of food, wine and live music that takes place in order to raise money for charity. Attendees pay a fee for the evening and can then eat and drink as much as they can before the festival ends. Tickets are capped at 1,500, so buy in advance if you’re planning to attend.