What are the wildlife attractions?

What are the wildlife attractions?
13th August 2020 Chris Healey

Zoo Miami
One of the first “free-range” zoos in the United States, where the animals are free to roam within large, mixed-species zones according to their geographic territory. Home to species from Australia, Asia and Africa, including endangered and rare species. Camel rides and Meet the Zookeeper sessions are also available.

Monkey Jungle
Located in southern Miami-Dade County, the catchphrase of Monkey Jungle sums up the experience – it truly is a place where “the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild”! Visitors walk through wire-enclosed pathways whilst a total of 30 species of primates live their lives overhead. Try spotting the highly endangered Golden Lion Tamarin, or listen out for the noisy Howler Monkeys.

The Miami Seaquarium
Originally opened in 1951, the Miami Seaquarium is an outdoor aquarium experience that boasts daily dolphin, sea lion and killer whale shows, as well as being home to countless other tropical sea creatures. The aquarium also offers dolphin encounters and seal swims for the adventurous visitor.

Everglades Safari Park

For over 40 years, Everglades Safari Park has showcased the natural wonder of Southern Florida. From alligator shows, jungle trails, to airboat rides, this wildlife attraction is a fun-filled experience. Open 7 days a week, there is always the opportunity to explore Florida’s unique ecosystem.