What are some low-effort days out?

What are some low-effort days out?
5th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Zoológico De Córdoba (Córdoba Zoo)

You cant go wrong with a zoo, right? You’ve got your classics, like lions and giraffes, but then there will be exhibits that surprise you, like the adorable pygmy hippo! With lemurs, parrots and leopard geckos, there’s a big range to come and see. You can even meet some local residents, like the Iberian wolf and the Iberian grizzly bear- don’t worry though, you unlikely to meet them on your travels outside of the zoo!

Jardin Botanico de Cordoba (Botanical Gardens)

This extensive 10-hectare garden features a huge range of areas to explore. The conservatory houses endangered woodland species, protecting as well as showcasing their uniqueness. The hothouse contains over 100 plant species, from the Canary Islands, the Andalucian mountains and the Balearic islands. It is divided into three main climate areas: moist, desert and an area that encourages more diverse growth of palms and ferns. There are also two museums: the Museum of Palaeobotany (ancient and fossilised plants) and the Museum of Ethnobotany (mankind’s use of plants). It may even take you more than a day to see everything.