Are there any festivals?

Are there any festivals?
2nd September 2020 Chris Healey

Festivities of the Virgen de la Cinta.
Festival about a Gothic built in the early fifteenth century, dedicated to Ntra.Sra. Ribbon, on the road linking the Conquero the Plaza de la Merced, every September, the town celebrates its patron festivities with the “Fiestas de la Cinta”.During the nine days leading up to September 8, the feast of the Virgin, Traditional Novena in Merced, where devotees flock children in the city is celebrated. On day 8 after the religious function, we proceed to the solemn procession of the Virgin through the main streets of the city, Huelva offer flowers at the front door of the Merced and at completion, the Virgin, is led back to the Sanctuary Tape.

Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva
A film festival, celebrated since 1974 in Huelva, Spain) dedicated to promoting Latin American cinema in Europe. The festival is chiefly publicly funded.