What are the main attractions?

What are the main attractions?
2nd September 2020 Chris Healey

La Merced Cathedral
This monument was originally built in 1548, but Later, in 1749, Juan de Dios began work on building today’s church. The project was finished in 1767. The church is located just north of Plaza Mayor. It is well worth a look are the ruins of the monastery, which are located on the side of the church and feature a gorgeous pond and courtyard, head to the top of the convent for views of the area.

Museum of Huelva
Just a small town museum, it houses some interesting archaeological finds from Roman times, a Roman water wheel from the famous Rio Tinto mines, and several contemporary art exhibits featuring Spanish artists from the Huelva area and beyond.Huelva’s provincial museum, housed in a modern building on the Avenida Sundheim, has an interesting archaeological collection.

Iglesia de San Pedro
Huelva’s oldest parish church, the Iglesia de San Pedro, was constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries on a hilltop site of a mosque and next to the remains of a medieval fortress. On the northern side of the church is the Cabezo de San Pedro, a wooded hill with good views over the city. In 1999 the church was designated a Site of Cultural Interest.