Where is good to visit?

Where is good to visit?
8th September 2020 Chris Healey

Jardin de la Fontaine
Les Jardins de la Fontaine are among the most ‘notable gardens of France’, a title awarded by the Ministry of Culture. In the 18th Century work to regulate the flow of the source Nemausa uncovered many Roman remains and Les Jardins de la Fontaine was created in 1745 around these. Two Roman monuments in particular have stood the test of time, the Temple of Diana and the Tour Magna.

Maison Carrée
La Maison Carrée, or Square House is a very well preserved Roman temple which is one of the best preserved Roman buildings in the world. Built in 16BC by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, a close friend of Emperor Augustus, this building was dedicated to Agrippa’s sons Gaius Caesar and Lucius Caesar. La Maison Carrée was fortunate to survive the fall of the Empire and this is partly due to the fact that it became a church in the fourth century. Visitors to La Maison Carrée can view this stunning structure in all its glory as well as watching a multimedia presentation inside the building which brings Roman Nîmes back to life.

Tour Magne (Great Tower)
Part of the 7km of Roman city ramparts, Tour Magne was also a watchtower looking over the Via Domitia which links Italy to Spain. Inside its history is illustrated with banners and information boards showing the history of the monument and the importance of the Via Domitia. From the top of this tower, where there is a panoramic view over Nîmes, visitors can discover the city as it was in Roman times. The Great Tower, is the only one left from the ancient city walls and it stands at the highest point of the city.