What are the main attractions?

What are the main attractions?
8th September 2020 Chris Healey

Nîmes Roman Amphitheatre (les Arenes)
Nîmes’ twin-tiered amphitheatre is the best preserved and biggest outside Italy. Built in around 100AD, the amphitheatre originally held about 24,000 spectators in its four tiers and today it is still used for public events such as concerts and bullfights when it can hold 16000 people.
Inside, the amphitheatre is well preserved, especially considering its great age, history of adaption and being robbed for stone. The seating tiers, interior halls and staircases are all in situ, and there is a museum with replicas of gladiatorial armour.

Parc Panda
Panda Park is in a wooded site on hills close to Nimes and has acrobatic courses suspended high in the trees. There are more than fifty obstacles to enjoy, with bridges, zip lines, bike, skateboards and more. They have 5 routes to choose, from easy to extreme where you can get adrenalin experiences safely. Despite the name, they do not have pandas here but when climbing in the trees you might feel like one!

Cathedral of Notre Dame and St Castor
The original cathedral here was consecrated in Nîmes in 1096 by Pope Urban II. The cathedral was first called St. Mary, Our Lady and then after the revolution was renamed Saint Castor. It contains the tomb of Cardinal de Bernis, Monsignor Cohon, Bishop of Nimes and an early Christian marble sarcophagus. The Cathedral underwent two renovations, the first from 1877 to 1882 by the architect Henri Revoil and the second in 1904.