Where else is good to visit?

Where else is good to visit?
17th September 2020 Chris Healey

Glenbow Museum
Explore fascinating historical galleries and exhibitions of art and culture from around the world. We are conveniently located in downtown Calgary on Stephen Avenue Mall, just steps from the Calgary Tower and one block away from the C-Train LRT line.

Experience some of Calgary’s natural environment by visiting this Olympic Park. As a ski hill, it is designed as a fun venue for training and competitions. Open to the general public for recreational purposes, join in the fun by watching high performing athletic training.

Confederation Park
An urban park in northwest Calgary. Developed over an area of 160 acres, it is situated amongst neighbourhoods of Capitol Hill and Highland Park. Enjoy a picnic by sitting on the picnic tables provided, or enjoy a cycle around the cycle paths. It is a great one to explore and learn more about the city, with maps located at the Park of the North and South areas.