What outdoor activities are there?

What outdoor activities are there?
16th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Echo Canyon

Echo Canyon has everything you need to enjoy the surrounding area. Are you looking for an extreme white-water rafting trip? No problem! Want to spend the weekend on a multi-night water-and-camping adventure? They’ve got you! Just want a calm family float so the kids think you’re the coolest? Consider it done! Echo Canyon guarantees fun and a resolute commitment to safety. There is something for everyone: you can try it for a few miles or up to 50- that’s right- 50! Don’t like the water? That’s fine too, there are bike rides and a zip line available. You can book into lodges or go glamping- you want a fun outdoor Colorado experience, just pick one!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Do the literal Rocky Mountains really need an introduction? These 415 square miles of mountainous beauty have been drawing visitors since…well since people could visit really. Colorado’s most popular attraction without a doubt, this park is filled innumerable natural wonders home to unique wildlife and views. There are trails for all age ranges, fishing spots, horseback riding, hikes and more. You will be able to spot the local animals whilst you out on your travels (elk and moose are hard to miss) but there are also ways to seek out more specific experiences, such as our birdwatching opportunities.

Fun Fact: by the entrance to the national park resides the Stanley Hotel- famed inspiration for The Shining.