What museums are there?

What museums are there?
16th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum is known for its world class collection of Native American art. It also holds 68,000 other art objects: some works from European masters, Old West classics and a phenomenal travelling exhibit. Lectures covering a huge range of topics throughout the year are put on for anyone to attend so maybe brush up on the latest techniques whilst you’re there! The Museum is made up of two buildings and even they are artistically impressive! One is a fortress-like structure, designed by Italian architect Gio Ponti, and the other resembles a titanium crystal with peaks and shards, designed by Daniel Libeskind. A must, MUST see for art lovers.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This museum is sure to cater for all those science and nature lovers, who are just waiting to unearth more of the universes treasures. Known as the fourth largest museum in the United States, this site is filled with a range of artefacts from many cultures for you to learn about. Put aside an entire day to be able to visit and experience the dinosaurs, dioramas, space exhibits, science experiments, a digital planetarium, the IMAX theatre and take part in many touring shows. Each exhibit employs the latest in multimedia technology to create the best experience for the museum’s visitors.