What are the highlight attractions?

What are the highlight attractions?
19th August 2020 Chris Healey

Widely considered the world’s finest and most prestigious university in the world, the beautiful campus is well worth a visit. All the tours done on campus are led by current students, giving a more authentic view of the university. A beacon of academic and a glorious campus, make this a perfect afternoon activity.

The SkyWalk Observatory
Located atop the Prudential Tower, this attraction allows for the experience of breath-taking views of the city. Enjoy a 360-degree view of Boston and take some amazing selfies at the top. Alongside the view, you can learn about Boston’s history through the informative provided on display.

John F Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library
The JFK Presidential Museum and Library is as it’s name suggests, a tribute to the late president, John F Kennedy. This Museum includes three theatres, shop and cafe. It’s huge range of permanent and temporary exhibits provide an amazing insight into the incredible life of the president.