What are some of the top attractions?

What are some of the top attractions?
15th July 2021 Joe Corfield

St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche)

Sanctified in 1833, St Paul’s Church has seated the German nation assembly in 1848 and still provides the basis for the Germans constitution. Today, the site hosts a number of political and cultural events and presentations. The church is an amazing feet of architecture and well worth a look, inside and out.

Höchst Porcelain Manufactory

This factory is the first ‘Transparent Porcelain Manufactory’ worldwide! There are showrooms and directed exhibitions. It begins with preparing the porcelain mass, modeling and hand painting all of which you can watch and experience up close in different production departments. There is even a video presentation which explains the history of Höchst Porcelain and the manufactory. Furthermore there is the opportunity to visit the Porcelain Museum Kronberger Haus and receive a guided tour through the city of Höchst. The Manufactory is even available to book as an extraordinary event location for up to 120 people!