What are some haunted activities?

What are some haunted activities?
26th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Saint Louis Cemetery

The Saint Louis Cemetery is one of the oldest and most famous of the New Orleans cemeteries. Here you can find countless examples of the distinct above-ground  tombs made from beautifully carved marble. These tombs were created to remedy the issue of burying the dead in a place that floods regularly and create a haunting environment to visit these hundreds of years later. There is tell of various ghosts roaming the area as New Orleans is the most haunted city in America. As exciting and interesting as these ghost tours can be, the cemetery asks that all visitors act appropriately reverent on the premises and refrain from any vandalism, littering, marking on graves, or inappropriate behaviour. Another important rule is to not touch the fragile, centuries-old, plaster and bricks on tombs. In New Orleans the dead are celebrated but- most of all- they are respected.

Marie Laveau House of Voodoo

This is a shop, shrine and museum dedicated to the most famous voodoo queen in the world. Pay your respects to the free woman of colour who was a noted philanthropist, advisor and practitioner of voodoo. Place an offering at this shrine (or head to Saint Louis Cemetery where she is really buried) and enter the museum to learn the fascinating tale of her life and her work. Complete the experience by purchasing unique protective items and having a blessing or reading performed. There is no better place to learn about voodoo than New Orleans.