What are some good places to visit in Breda?

What are some good places to visit in Breda?
22nd July 2021 Joe Corfield

Grote Kerk

An astonishing Gothic church built between 1269 and 1527 and Breda’s most important landmark. It has a very impressive 97m tower that dominates the sky. The tower gives a great insight in to the architecture of the Dutch and their interesting building methods. Really cool!

Breda Castle

Located in the city centre, Breda Castle was originally used as a fortress. It has since rebuilt over the ages, altering to what you see today. Currently it is used by the Royal Military Academy (KMA) and not accessible to the public. Still good to look from a distance and offers an interesting photo opportunity.


This water-gate symbolises where the Breda was liberated from the Spaniards. The legend is similar to Troy and the Trojan horse, a great leader called Adriaan Van Bergen and his men silently passed into town and surprised the Spaniards when their defences were down.