What are some customs and traditions in Greece?

What are some customs and traditions in Greece?
5th October 2021 Joe Corfield

The Evil Eye

Some Greeks, particularly those from rural areas, believe that it is possible to catch “the evil eye” from someone else’s jealousy. When a person catches the evil eye they supposedly feel bad physically and psychologically. When this happens, an expert has to come and say a special prayer to undo the curse of the evil eye.


The Greeks believe that spitting wards away the devil and misfortune. Therefore, when someone breaks bad news, such as of a death or accident, the others spit three times whilst saying ftou, ftou, ftou. The same thing occurs when someone compliments another for their beauty, so as not to give them the aforementioned “evil eye”.

Greek Culture

Greece has evolved culturally over millennia, beginning in Mycenaean Greece and then continuing into Classical Greece, whilst being influenced by the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Other cultures and regions, like Latin and Frankish states, the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, Genoese Republic, and the British Empire have also influenced modern Greek culture, but it was the Greek War of Independence that finally revitalised Greece and made it the single entity it is today with its diverse culture.