Have you got any safety tips for exploring the city?

Have you got any safety tips for exploring the city?
6th October 2021 Joe Corfield

A sign with the text “Badning forbudt” means that bathing is forbidden. When on the beach don’t swim alone and make sure you are a comfortable distance from land in case the tides or currents change.

Also, take good notice of the dedicated bike lanes when crossing any street to avoid dangerous situations as bikers tend to ride fast and have right of way on these lanes.

Danes drive by the rules, therefore, it is important to obey Walk/Don’t Walk signals and avoid jaywalking in cities, simply because cars will not slow down since you’re not supposed to be there.

In Denmark there is one rare poisonous snake, the European viper (Hugorm), as well as the fish called “Fjæsing”, but its bite is not generally lethal. Its bite, however, is strong enough to be lethal to children and the elderly, so medical treatment is always encouraged.

Swim along the coast rather than away from it. In some areas undertow is a danger, and kills a number of tourists every year, but will mostly be signed at the beach.