What should I visit?

What should I visit?
18th February 2021 Elizabeth Percy

The Royal Victoria Park

First opened in 1830 by 11 year old Queen Victoria and home to the iconic Royal Crescent, this public park is an attractive green space perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. With a botanical garden, 18 hole crazy golf course, bowling green, children’s playground, lake and skatepark, you could fill a whole day just here away from the ‘main attractions’ of the city. The park also hosts outdoor concerts in the bandstand, has BBQ areas and a café.

Don’t forget your change as the toilets charge a 20p entry fee!

Bath Balloons

Not as scary as you’d think! Hot air balloon rides are the new way to explore a city. There’s always that initial nervousness that comes with big heights but those nerves were soothed by wonderfully professional staff and then entirely whisked away by the views. The complimentary champagne also helped! It is so peaceful and serene once you’re up there and the view of the city and surrounding countryside is just breath-taking. Getting up there makes you never want to come back down. Who knew Bath could be so pretty from all angles?

Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms

Displaying everything from Georgian dresses to Regency era outfits to clothes you see people wearing today, this museum offers plenty of style inspiration. It’s so amazing to be looking at clothes that are hundreds of years old and have them appear in such good condition. The audioguide comes very highly recommended as it covers everything! The assembly rooms (that have traditionally been the social hub for fashionable Bath, hosting balls and tea parties for the rich and affluent of history) are so bright and well-maintained; it felt like you could turn a corner and bump into some lords and ladies at any moment.