Are there any particular highlights worth mentioning?

Are there any particular highlights worth mentioning?
7th October 2021 Joe Corfield

The Little Mermaid

At Langelinje Pier you will see one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions, the sculpture of The Little Mermaid which was 100 years old in 2013. The Little Mermaid was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen in August 1913. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy story about a mermaid leaving the sea to be united with a handsome prince, the mermaid statue is made of bronze and granite. Perched on a rock in the water, she emerges every morning and evening and looks towards the shore to catch a glimpse of her prince.

Viking Ship Museum

In the fjord of Roskilde, 35 minutes from Copenhagen, the Viking Ship Museum offers a fascinating experience for adults and children alike, where you come face to face with history. There are five original Viking ships and you can sail in a replica viking boat on the Roskilde Fjord.These ancient ships tell stories about war and long distance travel at sea 1000 years ago. At the boatyard you can follow the construction of a Viking ship and at the boat builder’s workshop you can try working oak and using Viking tool skills.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden’s are in the centre of Copenhagen covering 10 hectares and are noted for their complex of glasshouses from 1874. First established in 1600 they came to their current location in 1870. There are more than 13,000 species arranged in sections including, Danish plants (600 species), perennial plants (1100 species), annual plants (1100 species), rock gardens with plants from mountainous areas in Central and Southern Europe and Conifer Hill which is planted with coniferous trees. The garden has 27 glasshouses with the most notable being the Palm House from 1874, which is 16 metres tall and has narrow, cast-iron spiral stairs leading to a passageway at the top. You can also find an air-conditioned polar greenhouse re-creating an Arctic environment.