Which areas are great to visit?

Which areas are great to visit?
27th May 2020 Chris Healey

The Spanish Steps

137 steps located between the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. A great sight built as the artist imagined them, many visitors choose to climb the steps and take in the wonderful view from the top.

The Pantheon

Built around 2000 years ago, the building is dedicated to the Gods and has a large hole in the ceiling to make people feel closer to god. Inside the Pantheon is unique and doesn’t fit with the other churches on Rome at also holds the body of Raphael in the tomb of Raphael.

St Peter’s Cathedral

Definitely one of the largest and most spectacular churches in Rome, with again architecture done by Michaelangelo and impressive views of the city, climbing the stairs to the top gives an awesome perspective on the city and you can see many of the famous places around Rome.