Where should I eat?

Where should I eat?
15th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Creamistry Bakersfield

Its hot out in California so you bet ice cream is gonna be on the menu! Here, you can get made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream. According to the Creamistry, the best way to serve ice cream is with liquid nitrogen and it’s the only way to do it! The fast freezing process provides extravagantly rich and creamy frozen desserts to satisfy both healthy options and indulgent ones. There is no exclusion here either – fear not vegan or lactose intolerant individuals, there are many dairy-free and organic menu items. There are lots of fruity non-dairy sorbets and all natural, vegan coconut or cashew bases to choose from!

La Costa Mariscos Mexican Cuisine

Get authentic Mexican food served fresh every day at La Costa Mariscos Mexican Cuisine. Choose from steak, pork or seafood in traditional Mexican dishes served in a relaxed and friendly location. This restaurant knows what the people want as it boasts a great range of dishes (including a breakfast and children’s menu) and, most importantly, serving big portions at moderate prices. You can order heaps of food for all the family or cartons of their delicious condiments to jazz up your day-to-day meals.