Where is great to visit?

Where is great to visit?
2nd June 2020 Chris Healey

Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina Napoli (MADRe)

A must-visit for contemporary art fans, this art gallery is housed in a beautiful palazzo and features work by Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor and Richard Serra. Temporary exhibitions are held on the upper floors, and visitors can enjoy an aperitif in the bar and restaurant.

Capella Sansavero

Built in 1590, this chapel was later modified by the eccentric prince Raimondo di Sangro and now contains many macabre sculptures, particularly that of the ‘veiled Christ,’ which is so realistic as to leave viewers in awe.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

This museum of archaeology houses an incredible range of Roman relics as well as artefacts from ancient Egypt and from the pre- and proto-historic periods. Few of the descriptions are in English and the layout can be confusing, so it is recommended to use a self-guided tour from a guidebook or to take a guided tour.