Where is best to visit?

Where is best to visit?
7th September 2020 Chris Healey

Château Grimaldi
Based on the ancient acropolis of the city of Antipolis, the Grimaldi castle was inhabited in 1385 by the Monegasque family that gave it its name. For all Picasso lovers, he created numerous works, drawings and paintings. Following his stay in 1946, Pablo Picasso left on deposit at the Antibes 23 paintings and 44 drawings.

Port Vauban
A natural harbour since before the Roman times it now houses the Antibes Yacht Club and prestigious events during each year. During the summer month many large yachts pass through the post as people sale the Mediterranean.

Fort Carré
Built to fortify the city in the 16th century, its strange shape looking intriguing from the harbour. A great place to wander round and check out the history of its owners, why it was built and the importance of Antibes.