Where else is great to visit?

Where else is great to visit?
8th September 2020 Chris Healey

Centre Pompidou-Metz
A satellite branch of Paris’ Centre Pompidou, the Centre Pompidou-Metz stages regular temporary exhibitions, including the famous “Masterpieces” (‘Chefs d’oeuvre’) exhibition, which includes pieces by Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky. The centre also hosts regular cultural events and performance art. The building itself, which was built in 2010, is an interesting architectural feat in itself, with curved ceilings providing an ideal space for the works of art housed within.

Quartier Impérial de Metz
Built in 1871 to celebrate Metz’ reincorporation into the Second German Reich, the Quartier Impérial is today a mixture of art-deco, neo-Romanesque and neo-Renaissance architecture, including the Central Train Station, the church of Saint-Therese and the “Porte Serpenoise”, a 19th century archway marking the old city limits. The square is currently a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Musée La Cour d’Or
The former haunt of Merovingian Kings and Queens, the Musée La Cour d’Or is nowadays home to many Gallo-Roman artefacts, including Roman baths preserved in situ, and a statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The museum also contains art from the Medieval period, paintings from the 15th century and information and artefacts pertaining to Metz’ ancient Jewish population. Open every day except for Tuesday, free entry on the first Sunday of every month.