Where else is good to visit?

Where else is good to visit?
16th September 2020 Chris Healey

Fontaine de Tourny
Originally in France the Fountaine de Tourny now sits in front of the parliament building. The amazing figures and jets of water are very eye catching, the fountain looks its best at night when they are lit, it gives a mystical feel to the area.

Old Limoilou
Known as the New York inspired neighbourhood, taking influences with numbered avenues. It also gives an opportunity to visit the Cartier-Brebeuf National Historic site which is well worth checking out.

Trait-Carré Borough of Charlesbourg
Visit this star shaped district if you want to see architecture representative of both French and Quebec tradition. You can take a guided tour to fully immerse yourself in the rich heritage. Insightful and well worth doing to gain good knowledge about the city and its people.

Old Quebec
With a great religious and military history this beautiful place is also a must visit for lovers of fine dining and shopping. The area gives a real sense of the city’s culture and day to day life, great place for coffee and to watch the world go by.