Where can I go shopping?

Where can I go shopping?
26th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Playground Pier

Playground Pier is an underwater-themed indoor high-end shopping centre. Located on the Million Dollar Pier, formerly known as “Shops on Ocean One”, this four-story shopping mall contains themed floors- some of which are lined with slot machines for when you’re feeling lucky. Tour the boutiques (featuring items from international designers that hail from Italy and other places of renown) and jewellery shops and be dazzled by what is on offer.  From high-end brands to bars and restaurants, its everything you need for a day of decadent fun.

The Quarter at Tropicana

The Quarter is an old Havana-themed indoor shopping centre at the Tropicana, which contains over 40 popular retail stores. In the same location, there are also nine high-end restaurants and eleven nightclubs to guarantee you are spoiled for choice in having a good time. Not really into the party scene? That’s alright! There are also escape rooms to test your brains and teamworking skills or head to the state of the art IMAX theatre to switch off for a few hours as you’re immersed in a film. When all of that tires you out there is a delightful spa to relax and rejuvenate you.