Where can I eat local?

Where can I eat local?
2nd March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

The Ship Inn

Listed in the Cambra Beer Good Guides for seven consecutive years, The Ship Inn is popular amongst both locals and tourists. This inn serves hearty traditional pub and sea food whilst also providing delicious and delicate desserts. Selling spirits to the locals since 1847, its hard to argue with that kind of popularity. A friendly atmosphere and the Tay just outside the window, it’s a perfect place to eat and enjoy the Dundee ambiance.


For a more modern and elegant dining experience, try the Collinsons. The produce remains local and fresh- a point of pride with any local eatery- but the experience is somewhat more refined. Try traditional dishes like guineafowl, wood pigeon and deer whilst being enchanted by the expert plating and dish design. Reviews place costs at a good price with decent portions so fear not, you’ll find no expensive artsy small dishes here!