What should I visit?

What should I visit?
9th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

The Alhambra

Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of Spain’s most visited attractions, if you’re there then you have to visit the Alhambra- that’s just how it is. This palace city was declared an UNESCO World heritage site in the 80s and for good reason. It has been the site of much history and was used as a palace, a fortress and a citadel, all at different times. As a result of these regular changes, there are examples of different historically valuable architecture from various cultures all over the building. It also contains the breath-taking gardens of Generalife, watered by unique hydraulic infrastructures built in medieval times.

The Sacromonte Caves

These historic caves were carved into the cliffside in the 15th Centenary and are still lived in to this day. It has a hugely ethnically diverse residence, who are used to visitors coming to be amazed by their unique homes (as long as you are respectful). The home of Flamenco, the atmospheric large white rooms are one of the best locations to see the dance performed on an evening. You can also get an one of a kind view of the city from this attraction!