What should I do?

What should I do?
1st March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Cardiff International White Water

If you’re looking for adventure and excitement head over to Cardiff International White Water, an on-demand adventure facility located in the International Sports Village. Whilst there you can take a two hour course on white water rafting, facing those fast waters will be sure to get your blood pumping. As well as that, there is paddle boarding, tubing and kayaking; some activities can be altered to be suitable for families on request. There is also an indoor water section to learn surfing (hopefully in a slightly warmer environment than the south of Wales). Don’t like water? That’s fine- try the Air Trail and attempt daring obstacles whilst suspended from a harness.


The UKs longest established science centre, Techniquest provides empowering educational opportunities for all. This establishment provides varied and interactive exhibits on a huge range of science based subjects. Virtual Operator allows you to test your skills as a surgeon and fit a patient with a pace maker. Earthquake Simulator is a safe and fun way to experience and learn about earthquakes. This museum knows that the best way to learn is to have tangible experiences and are providing it in heaps! Make sure to check what’s on before you go as they have allocated days, including toddler day.