What places are worth a visit?

What places are worth a visit?
8th October 2021 Joe Corfield

Aghiou Nikolaou

The Aghiou Nikolaou is the most famous pedestrian street in the city; from the street are nearly 200 steps that lead to the Old City and beautiful views. The streets offer a great insight in to the history and culture of the city itself and its interesting and chequered history.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a beacon of hope to ships in the night and the port is a beautiful part of the city well worth checking out, it’s a wonderful place to stroll and from the lighthouse itself visitors can get an amazing view of the port. A lovely way to spend the evening and romantic sunset.

The Medieval Castle

The Medieval Castle was built towards the end of the 6th century on the rubble of the ancient Acropolis. It is hard to believe how long the settlement has been there and all the history and people that have lived out their lives within its secure walls. From the top ramparts the views across the city are stunning and well worth a look.