What museums should I visit?

What museums should I visit?
10th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Museo Art Nouveau & Art Decó (Museum of Art Nouveau & Art Deco)
The building, which is filled with stained glass features, housing Castilla y León’s most popular museum was certainly built to reflect the beauty of the art it would showcase. Built at the turn of the 20th century, the museum features a wide range of items: lamps, vases, furniture, bronze statues, porcelain figures, jewellery, paintings, etc. Like the museum building, a lot of the exhibits have a function as well as being aesthetically valuable. The museum showcases political work too: in 2017 there was an exhibit of art created in reaction to, and therefore decrying, war. This featured etchings from the Spanish civil war in the 1800s and photos from the current conflict in Syria. It really shows a museum is worth going to when it can inform you about both the past and the present.

Museo Taurino (Bullfighting Museum)

Being Spain’s most prominent bull-breeding territory, with extensive pastures for grazing and exercise, it is unsurprising that Salamanca has a museum dedicated to this quintessentially Spanish sport (or cultural event, as the aficionados prefer to call it). This museum is full of artifacts related to all things bullfighting. Learn about the event, see a historical range of costumes that bullfighters don, discover bullfighting’s important role in Spanish culture represented through its art, and more.