What museums should I visit?

What museums should I visit?
23rd February 2021 Elizabeth Percy

National Science and Media Museum 

The National Science and Media Museum is located in the heart of Bradford city centre and houses a collection of over 3 million pieces spread across seven floors, there are also three cinemas to enjoy current movie releases. This museum has events and exhibitions that cover STEM and humanities subjects in conjunction to each other in a ground-breaking and impressive way. Admission is free to the public and it’s well worth a visit to see not only the permanent exhibitions but also the various temporary exhibitions which the venue hosts each year.

Bradford Industrial Museum

Bradford Industrial Museum is situated 3 miles out of the city centre on a main bus route and is open every day apart from Monday.  It is located in a former textile mill which was built in 1875 and the museum was opened in 1974.  Some of the key events are the regular demonstrations on textile and printing work as done when the mill was operational. It boasts a wide range of industrial exhibits covering engineering steam power and the evolution of motor cars. Admission is free to the public.