What museums are there?

What museums are there?
24th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Walker Art Centre

The Walker Art Centre is one of the five largest modern art museums in the US and there’s a lot to see and do. The sculpture garden features a huge range of art, including interactive sculptures. There are pieces from all kinds of disciplines and types, such as optical illusions, shadow art, industrial and modern creations. The galleries feature a range of exhibits that combine still art with performance and include detailed articles and interviews with artists. The Walker stage has been presenting and commissioning pioneering performances for over 80 years. Its Performing Arts program offers a platform for everything from contemporary dance to experimental theatre, new jazz, Avant-folk, new global and alt-classical music. The design studio facilitates new artistic endeavours through its award-winning in-house design studio and publishing programs. It’s a hub of creativity, no doubt you will see something unique when you go.

Mill City Museum

In the ruins of a burnt down Mill, see the 19th-century flour milling machines and vintage advertising. There are interactive aspects of this museum too as you can follow the journey of wheat from farm to market, design your own cereal box, and meet a history player from the city’s past. Take the Flour Tower and follow the flour as it is processed with the addition of films and interviews explaining the how it all happened. The are also baking and water labs so you will gain an intimate knowledge of how Minneapolis economy was supported through the years. You might even get some freshly baked goods on your visit.