What museums are there?

What museums are there?
12th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

This museum explores Alaska’s unique geological, cultural, and ecological history via what it refers to ‘learning adventures’ in interactive exhibits. Showcasing both natural and pre-historic times, you can see the teeth, claws, eggs and skeletons of dinosaurs as well as artists’ reproductions so you can see what they really could have looked like (spoiler most dinos had feathers). There are also exhibits about modern birds that show the evolution from dinosaur to current wildlife. This connection with the past themed learning is further shown through the discussions of how ancient whales relate to modern whales and how their lives operate today. Creative understanding is encouraged so you can touch and draw artefacts to gain a fuller understanding of what the museum has to offer.

Anchorage Museum 

The Anchorage Museum is “a world-class museum located in the heart of Alaska’s largest city”. Serving as a cultural and educational centre for the community, the museum is consistently ranked among Alaska’s top ten attractions. Presenting 16–20 changing exhibitions in tandem with education programs and activities, you’ll be sure to learn something new here. Long-term exhibits include the Alaska history gallery, Alaska art galleries, the Imaginarium Discovery Centre science galleries and the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Centre, featuring Alaska Native artefacts on permanent loan from the Smithsonian Institution.