What else is there to see?

What else is there to see?
2nd September 2020 Chris Healey

Cala de le Font
Lying within the west of the City, this picturesque beach will blow your mind. The cove is at the heart of the area and is a hiding gem for many. Whether you want to appreciate the beach at its peak in the day or relax and look over the water as the sun sets in the evening, definitely somewhere to go to end a great holiday. The beach is one of the quieter ones in the area as is less well known as it is not as heavily tourist populated as some. There are beach cafes a plenty and rock climbing opportunities. Simply stunning to visit.

Avenida Jaume I
More than merely any street, this area is located very close to the station and can be known as one of Salou’s hotspots. It boasts a range of traditional and modern architecture, each in themselves containing both traditional and modern shops, restaurants and bars. Day or night there’s always plenty to do and the street allows you to experience the sheer vast amount of nationalities that come to the area. If you’ve just stopped off for outside drink in the sunlight you will hear many a different accent, refreshing to hear. A place to bring your camera as there’s a multitude of statues as well as many a souvenir shop to provide you with memories of your trip there.