What classically Houston thing should I do?

What classically Houston thing should I do?
18th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Space Centre Houston

One of Houston’s top attractions and the area’s no. 1 attraction for international visitors, Space Centre Houston is a leading science and space exploration learning centre. It’s the closest your average person will ever get to space as this is the Official Visitor Centre of NASA Johnson Space Centre. It will truly be a unique experience with more than 400 space artifacts, permanent and traveling exhibits, attractions and theatres related to America’s human space-flight program – both its past and (more excitingly) its future! Designed to engage adults and children alike, there is so much to see. I challenge any adult to not be equally excited as a child about literal rocks from the moon!

Texas Custom Boot History Tour & Bootmaking Class

Can you think of a truer Texas experience than a fun and informative 30 minute session teaching you about the history of custom cowboy boots in Houston, plus a personal custom boot design session? This authentic workshop is headed by people who take pride in the knowledge and craftsmanship required to make the humble cowboy boot. You will learn the 6 key elements of building a custom boot and walk away with a Certificate of Completion, now an expert too!