What are the main attractions?

What are the main attractions?
7th September 2020 Chris Healey

Place Fran├žois Rude
Also known as Bareuzai Square, it is the central point in the medieval centre of Dijon. The surrounding streets are pedestrian areas and it is a very pleasant place to take a historic stroll, or enjoy a drink. Its architecture is a mixture of medieval and Renaissance and in the centre is a fountain. A bronze statue of the child Bareuzai can be found in the square, squeezing grapes to make wine, as Dijon is the second most important town in this wine region.

Jardin Darcy
The park features carved stone balustraded terraces, sequences of waterfalls, ornamental planting and children’s play areas. There is also a large stone bear who greets you at the entrance, which is a copy of a sculpture by Henri Martinet. It is a haven of rest very popular with Dijon locals and many tourists.

The Owl of Dijon
In the Rue de la Chouette, a pedestrian path along the north side of the Notre Dam, at the corner of a buttress of a chapel is carved a bird that Dijonnais call the owl . Its original meaning is not known. The owl is very worn due to the superstition it raises, where Dijon locals and tourists lift their left hand and stroke the owl asking for a wish to be fulfilled. Adopted by the town as an emblem, little gold owls are embedded in the pavement showing tourist routes.