What are the highlight attractions?

What are the highlight attractions?
22nd July 2020 Chris Healey

Brighton Pier

Perhaps one of Brighton’s most famous landmarks, the Victorian pier is a must-visit for any tourist. It offers a traditional British seaside experience including a fairground, games arcade and of course, a fish and chip restaurant!

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina, one of the largest in Europe, offers a range of attractions which cater to families and young professionals alike. Leisure activities on offer include diving, sailing, fishing and bowling, or visitors may wish to take a trip to the cinema or casino. The Marina also boasts a diverse choice of restaurants and bars which are open late into the night. Free parking is available to all Marina visitors.

Booth Museum of Natural History

The Booth Museum was founded in 1874 and is home to artefacts dating back three centuries. Natural history is brought to life through interactive and hands-on displays, featuring birds, insects, dinosaur bones and a killer whale skeleton. Admission is free.