What are the beaches like in Benidorm?

What are the beaches like in Benidorm?
2nd September 2020 Chris Healey

Levante Beach

The most famous beach in Benidorm is Levante. Golden sand lines the area alongside skyscrapers. In summer months, this is the place to be. Looking out onto clear waters, restaurants and apartments are overlooking this beautiful beach.

Platgeta del Mel Pas
This secluded beach area is paired with caves that show off its crystal clear waters. The low cliffs make for a picturesque view. Conditions are perfect for snorkelling. Free parking is available in the nearby streets. Toilets are also on site.

La Roda Beach
As a pebble beach, you can be sure to find this a peaceful and relaxing area. With parking areas available, this beach is a convenient way to explore more of Benidorm’s neighbouring areas. Showers are available on site. This beach provides glorious views, running along the seaside promenade. Bring shoes to make walking comfortable whilst on the pebbles.