What are some safety tips to remember when exploring Japan?

What are some safety tips to remember when exploring Japan?
26th August 2021 Joe Corfield

Arrange a time and meeting place with your friends if you go off by yourself and a back up plan in case you miss each other. Don’t rely on phones as sometimes there is no signal and calls can be expensive when aboard.

Avoid walking alone at night and keep your bag to a size you can manage easily, if you look like you are struggling you can make yourself a target to opportunists. Look confident as you travel from place to place, looking like you know where your going can help to keep you safe and ward off undesirable attention.

Keep your luggage close at hand at all times and in sight if possible. Do not have your name or address visible on any tags and never leave your luggage unattended. If travelling in a big city study the public transport system, its the quickest way to get around but can be confusing.

Keep your belongings in sight when you are out and about, make sure you don’t carry all your money in the same bag just in case something happens. Using a money belt can give you the confidence that if your belongings do get stolen you will be able to replace items needed and carry on your trip.