What are some places worth visiting?

What are some places worth visiting?
3rd September 2021 Joe Corfield

Belém Tower

Belem Tower was built in 1515 as a fortress to guard the entrance to Lisbon’s harbor and it was the last sight of their homeland for the sailors. UNESCO has listed it as a World Heritage monument serving as a symbol of the country. Entry fee is €5.

National Coach Museum

Coaches Museum is one of Lisbon’s most visited sights. The museum is a richly decorated 18th century royal riding school building that is part of Belem Palace. This building illustrates the ostentation and staggering wealth of the old Portuguese elite. All the coach displayed is more magnificent than the other, showing how coach-makers went to extraordinary lengths to make their vehicles stand out.

Saint George’s Castle

Saint George’s Castle can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Its oldest parts date from the 6th century. Most of the castle was destroyed over many years, especially in the Great Earthquake of 1755, but still includes a long extension of walls and 18 towers. Visitors can climb the towers and walk along the ramparts for the most breathtaking views of Lisbon or relax in the gardens where peacocks, geese and ducks strut around.