What are some of the top attractions to visit?

What are some of the top attractions to visit?
12th August 2021 Joe Corfield

Mount Medvednica

The Medvednica Nature Park is situated on the slopes of Mount Medvednica. It was established in 1981. The park has walking and hiking trails and in the winters, the slopes of the mountain provide area for snow sports. There are also a cable car, Veternica cave system, which has large bat colonies and prehistoric remains from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. It is a picturesque place to visit any time of the year for a family.

Zagreb City Museum

Museum of the City of Zagreb was established in 1907. It is located in Opaticka Street, in a restored monumental complex of the former Convent of the Poor Clares, of 1650. The Museum deals with topics from the cultural, artistic, economic and political history of the city spanning from Roman finds to the modern period. The exhibits include 75,000 items arranged systematically into collections of artistic and ordinary objects characteristic of the city and its history.

Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters

The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters is a fine art museum in Zagreb, Croatia exhibiting the collection donated to the city by Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer in 1884. It includes around 4,000 works, of which some 250 are on display, with the remainder in storage, or on display at other museums or gallery institutions in Croatia.