What are some of Canada’s customs and traditions?

What are some of Canada’s customs and traditions?
17th September 2020 Chris Healey

Canada is culturally diverse because of the Canadian immigration policy which was historically open. This has created a society of many different cultures and traditions, each proud and with its place in the country.

The most common greeting is the handshake, firm with eye contact and a sincere smile. Canadians tend to move to a first name basis quickly.

French Canadian friends may greet each other by lightly kissing on the cheeks, starting with the left. If using French in Quebec always use the formal pronoun “vous” (you) when speaking to someone and do not switch to the informal “tu” unless invited to.

Hockey is the national sport and pretty much all residents love it, it truly unites the country. Everyone will have a team and strong views, its a great sport to watch and chat about, always be respectful.

Table manners are relatively relaxed and informal in Canada although the usual dining rules apply, only begin eating after the host starts and do not rest your elbows on the table.